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The Confident Celiac Method is for women recently diagnosed with celiac who want to make the transition to a thriving 100% gluten-free lifestyle without giving up family dinners and a social life. I will virtually hold your hand and help you cut through the overwhelm and confusion, so you feel confident about your new gluten-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for?
    The Confident Celiac Method is geared toward women (and men, too!) who have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. They’re hearing all kinds of conflicting information and really don’t know where to start. There is a lot to learn as a new celiac, and this program is different because I guide you and virtually hold your hand through six modules. Yes, there are books out there, but the Confident Celiac Method is an interactive, comprehensive program to get you into a 100% gluten-free lifestyle and feel confident about it!
  • Why would I need to be 100% gluten-free?
    Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease. If you have celiac disease, your body is reacting to the gluten proteins by literally attacking your small intestine. The villi that line your small intestine are really important, because it’s there that your nutrients are absorbed. If the villi become blunted or flattened, you cannot absorb nutrients very well. This means malabsorption, anemia, deficiencies of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, failure to thrive, and the potential for lymphoma. Even a tiny bit of gluten will cause an immune response in someone with celiac, so it’s important to get it out of your life. This program will help you do that.
  • What is included?
    The Confident Celiac Method contains 6 weekly modules, plus an awesome bonus section. Each module has one or more learning lessons using audio or video, with downloadable handouts that support the lessons. In addition, each module has action tasks for you to complete. I will email you one module each week for 6 weeks. Your bonus will be available after week 2. In addition to the downloadable material, you also get two (2) one-on-one coaching calls with me. I recommend you schedule them in the 2nd and 5th weeks of the program, but you can schedule them for whatever mutually agreeable time works best.
  • Is there a specific start date?
    Nope! You can start whenever you are ready. I will send out one module per week, but you can take longer to go through the material if you’d like – it’s entirely up to you. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to do, and we want you to be as successful as possible, so please don’t rush through it before you are ready.
  • What if I need more personalized help?
    I offer private coaching to clients, and if you’d like to discuss that with me, just let me know by emailing me at Rene@SunnyLifeWellness.com and we’ll schedule a time to chat.
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
    I am so confident that you will love The Confident Celiac Method, that I offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Please see Program Policies in the Introduction email for more details.
  • Sounds great – what’s the cost?
    $199 which includes all 6 weekly modules, helpful handouts, bonuses, and 2 individual coaching sessions.

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“My dietitian suggested the Confident Celiac Method as a way to handle the overwhelming stress that a Celiac diagnosis brings. I can testify that it no longer feels so overwhelming. Through the course, René was like having a knowledgable, trusting friend take my hand and show me the easiest, safest path to begin my lifelong journey towards regained health. I feel very positive and even empowered now that I have a plan of action, that I have answers and know what to look out for, with tools and support to help me every step along the way.”
–Cherie L.
“The Confident Celiac Course is a great tool for those newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Rene is both knowledgeable and compassionate with her positive and helpful guidelines and tips throughout the course. The modules are easy to follow and complete and will help those newly diagnosed begin their gluten-free journey with less stress.”
–Cynthia B.