People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve successful results.

What are your goals? Do you have them written down?

A friend of mine suggested a great way to keep track of goals. Using her format, I created a Goal Book which is a binder with tabbed dividers.

  • On the inside of the front page, I list my daily affirmations to look at first thing each day.
  • I have 5 tabbed dividers, beginning with the one in the back of the book – year, quarter, month, week, and day.
  • Within each tab, I have a To-Do or Goal list that I created as a simple Excel document. It lists priority, description, date due or completed, and notes.
  • In the year section, I list my goals for the current year. I also have a second sheet for next year’s goals to plan for the future.
  • The quarterly section has a sheet of goals I’m planning for the current quarter, and also another one for next quarter, based upon my yearly goals.
  • The month section has a list of the goals I wish to complete this month, based upon my quarterly goals.
  • The weekly section has a list of what I want to accomplish this week, based upon my monthly goals.
  • And finally, today. I have a To-Do list for today, to make sure I get my weekly goals accomplished – plus anything else that needs done that day. I list my business items separately from personal items, all on the same page.

Using this method breaks down my goals into manageable chunks, so it’s not so overwhelming. And makes it less likely for items to slip through the cracks and be forgotten, since I check them off when I’ve finished them.

You could do this on paper, as I have done – or you could make a virtual one on your computer, laptop, or cell phone.

When you create your own goal book, let me know how it goes and what method you used. Email me at

Remember, set yourself up for success. Write down your goals.

Ready, set (goals), go!
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