Clients who are just beginning to eat a gluten-free diet usually ask the same question: what can I eat for a snack?

If you’re used to munching on granola bars, cookies, or crackers when you get hungry, you may be wondering what you can eat that is safely gluten-free but still satisfying.

There’s good news! Lots of snacks are gluten-free, and here’s a helpful list:

  1. Spinach-artichoke dip with veggies and tortilla chips
  2. Stuffed mushrooms (stuff with cream cheese and curry powder for amazing flavor)
  3. Cherry tomatoes/mozzarella balls/basil skewers, drizzled with balsamic vinegar
  4. Apple slices dipped in caramel sauce
  5. Make your own trail mix with variety of nuts, dried fruit, and coconut flakes
  6. Thin sliced ham or prosciutto wrapped around a blanched asparagus spear
  7. Cucumber slices topped with smoked salmon spread
  8. Rice crackers topped with salami and/or cheese
  9. Tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole
  10. Mini frittatas made in muffin tins
  11. Kind bars, Lara bars, and many of the Luna bars are gluten-free
  12. String cheese, the Mini-Moos, Baby Bel, or the Laughing Cow wedges
  13. Celery stuffed with peanut butter
  14. Rice crackers or veggies with hummus
  15. Ham, cream cheese, and dill pickle roll-ups
  16. Jello or pudding
  17. Gluten-free toast with peanut butter
  18. Cottage cheese and berries or pineapple
  19. Hardboiled eggs (try sprinkling with apple cider vinegar and sea salt)
  20. Fruit salad

Always, always, always read labels to make sure there isn’t wheat, barley, barley malt, rye, or oats (unless they are certified gluten-free oats) in the ingredients.

Here’s some free recipes for you to check out: Gluten-Free Comfort Food Favorites

Happy snacking!

Gluten-Free Snack Ideas
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