About René Miller

Hi I’m René Miller and I’m a Nutritionist. I work with adults who are overwhelmed by their recent celiac diagnosis and worried about what it means for them, their families, and their social lives. I give them the tools they need to have more skills and confidence, while making it easy to transition to a gluten-free lifestyle without negatively impacting their families and social lives.

I am on a mission to help people with celiac, because I have been there! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008. This diagnosis changed my life and I became so interested in nutrition that I went back to school and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. I’m also a certified Health & Wellness Coach, all of which has given me the expertise to hold your hand and help you achieve a “new normal” with celiac so that you can feel confident and strong going forward.

And when I’m not educating and coaching my clients, I can usually be found playing tennis, reading, or walking my adorable Labradoodle, Sidney. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband John. We have two adult children, aged 28 and 25, who love to visit us and play with the dog of course. I volunteer with the local chamber of commerce, on their busy ambassador committee, and I’m on the board of Celiac Portland, a non-profit dedicated to bringing awareness about celiac and improving the availability of gluten-free offerings. I truly enjoy connecting with people and helping them!

Want to know more? Here are a few more fun facts about me:

Fun fact #1: I was a baby when I got married! Not really, but I was 18, and now that I have adult children, 18 seems rather young. Funny how that shift in perspective happens!

Fun fact #2: 35 years later, still married to the same great guy!

Fun fact #3: My favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and I pretty much have it memorized. Watching it is a family holiday tradition.

Fun fact #4: My favorite season is summer, hands down. Hence my company name, Sunny Life Wellness.

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