1: Reduce how much time you spend being sedentary

What is sedentary, exactly? This is when you are sitting or lying still, and includes commuting to and from work, sitting at your desk working, sitting in meetings, and using computers and electronic devices. This can add up to many hours of sitting each day. Take a moment and pull out a piece of paper and write down three sedentary activities that you currently do regularly, and how many minutes or hours per day you do them. Pick one of those activities and plan a way to reduce the amount of time you do it. And then track it and see how you did over the course of a week.

2: Up the intensity of light activities with more vigor

On that same piece of paper, write down three activities you do that are light in intensity. For example: light housework, going out to the mailbox, grocery shopping, walking the dog. Can you do any of these with more vigor? Walk faster? Dance around the house while you do your housework (put on some music!), zig-zag around the grocery store instead one pass-through? Get creative here, and write down your ideas for increasing the intensity of these light activities.

3: Add at least one moderate-intensity activity to each day

Finally, on your paper, think about where you could add in a moderate-intensity activity to your day. For example, you can take a brisk 5 minute walk during work breaks, during commercial breaks when you’re watching TV, you can park in the farthest parking space in the parking lot and jog to your destination. Choose something to try, and schedule it into your day.

Hang up your paper where you can see it and be reminded each and every day to get more active. Have fun!

3 Ways to Get More Active